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Meet Cyborg

Why the half-human, half-machine hero is the man

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Every blerd worthy of their high-speed data service has November 17 saved on the calendar. That’s the day DC Comics superhero movie “Justice League” premieres in theatres across the country. That’s the day blerd fan-favorite, Cyborg, the half-human/half-machine superhero, comes to the big screen in a big way for the first time.


In honor of this momentous event, we offer four reasons why Victor "Victory" Stone a.k.a Cyborg is undoubtedly the man in these here streets.


No. 1: Brains & Brawn

The son of a scientist, Victor was star high-school football player with full college rides waiting. Until an explosion at his father’s lab took his arm and leg.


No. 2: IT Skills

As Cyborg, Victor Stone can communicate with ANY computer, which makes him handy when battling extraterrestrial villains or helping you set up your home theatre.  


No. 3: Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Ok, that’s typically Superman’s line, but Cyborg can move, too. His ability to transform into a variety of machines and weapons make him a formidable foe.  


No. 4: All Hero

Cyborg might struggle with maintaining his humanity, but that never impacts his understanding of right and wrong and where he stands.


Did we miss any reasons why Cyborg is the man? Let us know on social with #TheBridgeATT. And, be sure, to check out the “All in with the Justice League” series for more exclusive Justice League content and news. 


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