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How to Make a Commitment Video

Tips on making your announcement worthy of the pros

So you want to announce to the world which D1 school you’re taking your physical prowess to and a simple press conference with your family, friends and coach ain’t gonna cut it? You want to make a blue-chip worthy commitment video and rack up thousands of views and shares, but lack the budget and professional resources. Well, here are a few tips on making that happen without a big-dollar production crew behind you.


  1. Story is Always King—Contemporary film would have you believe you’re always a cool filter and special effect away from a cinematic masterpiece, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Special effects are like those gadget-plays that look horrible and dated once everyone figures them out. A good story is that tried and true system that can help any team when incorporated with solid personnel.
  2. Pay Homage—You can never go wrong with the familiar. Creating from something recognizable and adding a personal twist is the essence of art, so don’t be scared to take your favorite sitcom or movie scene and have that be the anchor for your story.
  3. Be Resourceful—The best coaches don’t complain about what they don’t have; they win rings by maximizing what’s available. Don’t own a camera? Use your phone or check your school for equipment laying unused and collecting dust. That friend of yours who is always journaling? Maybe they could write your script. Your cousin who is great at the remix videos and memes, sounds like an editor and composer in the making. Lots of practical skills translate to some aspect of filmmaking.
  4. Keep it Simple—You know why the pick-and-roll is one of the most used concepts in basketball? Why downhill running schemes are still in style? Because they just work! If your crew needs to be small, keep it small and effective. Keep your story concise. Even the most multi-layered pieces have a singular and simple theme.
  5. Gameplan and Execute—Once you’ve identified all the necessary elements for your video, make sure the team knows the play like the back of their hands. Being in tune with the game plan helps you move faster when the lights, camera and action come up.


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Artemus Jenkins is a Baltimore-raised, Atlanta-based filmmaker and photographer who is co-founder of Christmas in July 1982, a multimedia production company based in Atlanta and New York City


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