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About AT&T the Bridge

Why We Built The Bridge

AT&T The Bridge is here to keep you connected to the people and technologies shaping the future. The stories you find here are meant to inspire and inform, to showcase how innovation is changing our world for the better.


Sharing them is part of our commitment to highlighting and promoting technology as a means of making our communities stronger. AT&T programs such as Aspire and Inspired Mobility are also part of that effort, as are the hundreds of local events and organizations we sponsor each year.


How it Works

Our goal is to provide consistent and compelling content that speaks to how urban culture and technology intersect. At any given time, you’ll find exclusive stories on innovation, lifestyle trends, or community movements. You’ll also find practical advice from entrepreneurs and tastemakers in our #Knowthis video web series and information on AT&T programs of interest to the tech-savvy.


What We Need from You

It’s simple, really: Let us know how we’re doing. Comment or tweet us with the hashtag #TheBridgeATT. Tell us when we’re hitting the mark. Give us a head’s up when we’re not. Share our content. Be a part of the conversation. After all, The Bridge exists for you.


Welcome. We look forward to the dialog.