• Big-Time Black History Month Events in 2015

    When February comes around, it's all about celebrating Black history and culture! Read on to see what's going on this month in some of the country's largest cities.

  • The Hip-Hop Techie You Need to Know: Anthony Frasier of The Phat Startup

    A co-founder of the media company The Phat Startup, Anthony is what many would consider a serial entrepreneur. His journey to success, however, is a lot less traditional than you might think.

  • Four Gadgets To Tech Your Ride Out!

    Does your car need a few more gadgets? We found some fresh new hardware that will keep your car connected, charged and ready for the road!

  • Laugh Out Loud Social Media Comedians

    There are some actual funny people out there making a name for themselves online. They may not be on primetime TV or have their own standup special (yet), but these seriously funny social comedians are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and wanting more.

  • Welcome to AT&T The Bridge

    AT&T's newest online customer engagement website. Stop by often for articles and information about entertainment, fashion, technology, and what people like you are doing in the African American community.

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