Your Online Hookup

You gotta love things that make life easier. Like websites with deals and discounts to help save a little on everyday purchases. How about apps or devices that serve as helping hands to make stuff quicker or easier? Things like this are appreciated in every stage of life – but most can agree that in college, those helping hands are rarely turned away.

After purchasing books and paying for classes and other beginning of semester costs, you may come to find your wallet has gotten a little lighter. With the inevitable college struggle upon you, we’ve pulled together a list of hook-ups on the Web that are sure to have you set for the school year.

Chegg. Here’s a thought that you always wished was around – renting textbooks!, also known as the “student hub,” is one of the greatest things to happen to your college career, if you didn’t already know. With Chegg, you don’t have to worry about buying your expensive textbooks that you’re likely to care less about at the end of the semester. You can rent them for much cheaper than your campus bookstore sales or rents them! All you need to do is create an account and sign in for the deals. Another cool feature Chegg offers is the option to sell back books – ones you’ve purchased from them, or books that you’ve purchased elsewhere. Chegg even offers coupons to knock down costs even more – something a college student can appreciate.


Threadflip. Selling unwanted clothes and buying the latest trends for a discounted price is a great deal anyone can appreciate, but especially those living off a financial aid check. Threadflip helps you keep your style up around campus and save money. This website and mobile app is a one of kind social marketplace for men and women to share and switch up their styles. Post your items for free while Threadflip does the rest, then pays you when they sell.

Living Social. Looking for date ideas, for the low? What about cheap getaways for spring break or a three-day weekend with your friends? You can find online deals for these things and much more on Living Social. Signing up with your email, city and zip code will deliver Living Social deals to your email inbox, daily, without you having to look for them. Not only does it help with your pocketbook, it helps you to discover creative ways to enjoy your college years, and make some pretty awesome memories. Note: Living Social also has a smartphone app for download too.

Saving money and making money is a college students dream. Which one of these websites will you visit to give you a break for the new school year?