Smartphone Accessories with Soul

Music is one of those rare things in life that everyone likes. Maybe not the same genre or artist, but most people worldwide would say they enjoy or appreciate music in some form. Sure you may find that occasional individual that prefers silence, but they're a rare breed.

If you think about it, music is pretty interesting. We all have those certain songs that immediately take you back to your senior prom, your wedding, a road trip, or a summer past. And, you know you have your jam that no matter when it comes on or what you’re doing, you stop everything and turn it up.

This idea of the universal love of music got us searching for smartphone accessories to enhance the music experience. Looks like these five accessories have some serious soul.


ION Audio PIANO Apprentice

Want to learn how to play the piano? This cool and easy accessory will get you on the right track. The Piano Apprentice is a light, portable 25-note keyboard that comes handy with a built-in stereo. The Piano Apprentice shows you exactly how to play like a music pro by lighting up the keys and showing you exactly where your hands need to go. Download the Apprentice app, and you can learn how to read real-life musical notation. You'll be a regular Mozart in no time!


iFrogz Aux Audio Cable

The Aux is not just any audio cable. Music in your car never sounded so good with this audio-to-audio jack cable. Just connect the 3.5 mm jack to an external audio system, and with supreme quality and sturdy connectivity components, you'll hear the absolute best acoustics possible. Not only does this cable make listening to music from your smartphone easy, it comes in fun colors too.


Belkin Rockstar 5-Way Audio Splitter

Ever wish you could share your headphones with more than one person? The Belkin Rockstar Splitter lets you connect up to five headphones plus your smartphone, tablet, MP3 Player (or whatever you're listening to) and share the music you're listening to! You can even add another device to mix songs and listen with an additional person.


ION Audio IDJ2GO DJ System

Let your inner DJ get some shine with the iDJ 2 Go DJ System. This cool thing serves up the easiest way to become a DJ with your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player device. Perform like a pro wherever you go, and mix your music library on a dope turntable interface. With this cool accessory, show off your skills and  record mixes on-the-go, or sit back and let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically. You'll be able to mix, scratch and perform like a pro using iDJ 2 Go's two scratch wheels, crossfader, and generous array of bright, backlit buttons. Just connect your mobile device using the built-in 30-pin connector, and everything you need to mix is right in front of you.


Karaoke Pro Karaoke System

For the karaoke lover in you! Turn your mobile device into a karaoke pro machine. Karaoke Pro is a complete portable karaoke sound system for your tablet or smartphone that features a powerful speaker, amplifier, audio inputs and a cradle for your smartphone or tablet. Combine this system with the free karaoke app and you've got yourself a karaoke club right wherever you are! The Karaoke Cloud app includes 10 free song downloads to get you started, and also comes with a wireless microphone. Let the good times roll!

Compatible device required. Charges may apply for download.  Data and messaging rates may apply for download and app usage.