Tech Trends

  • Apps on Apps on Apps: Favorites Edition

    It can’t be denied that some things just get better with age, and that includes a few of our app favorites.

  • Apps on Apps on Apps: Get Your Smart On

    While math, science and grammar rules have possibly strayed away from your memory thanks to the summer sun, don’t fret. You don’t have to be completely clueless when you get back in the classroom come fall. There are apps for that!

  • Social Media Sweethearts: Animals Edition

    We’ve all got our favorite follows on social media, and when it comes to apps like Instagram and Vine, those favorites might just be animals. Because, who doesn’t love a dog wearing shoes or a pig dancing?

  • Your Online Hookup

    You gotta love things that make life easier. Like websites with deals and discounts to help save a little on everyday purchases.

Gotta Have It

  • Wearable Tech

    Technology isn’t just for the desk or your pocket anymore. See what tech you'll want to wear this year!

  • Cupid's Digital Helpers

    Are you on a quest for love? We’ve done our research, and found three of the coolest apps to help Cupid's arrow hit the right person for you!

  • High Tech Kitchen Gadgets

    Are you the type to spend most of your time in the kitchen baking and cooking during the holidays? Then you will definitely want to get your hands on these high-tech kitchen gadgets this season.

  • That awkward moment when…

    Have you ever responded to a random person you thought was talking to you in a store and it turned out they were actually talking to someone on the phone using a Bluetooth headset? Be honest, we've all been there.

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