Tech Trends

  • Social Media Sweethearts: Animals Edition

    We’ve all got our favorite follows on social media, and when it comes to apps like Instagram and Vine, those favorites might just be animals. Because, who doesn’t love a dog wearing shoes or a pig dancing?

  • Keep Calm and Download These Apps

    Sometimes the busyness of life can weigh you down. So, we sought out some apps to help you de-stress, and enjoy every day in a happier and healthier way.

  • Four Black Techies to Follow on Twitter

    Tired of seeing the same people, tweeting about the same stuff? Recharge your feed with the coolest, most tech savvy of the Black Twitteratti.

  • Your Online Hookup

    You gotta love things that make life easier. Like websites with deals and discounts to help save a little on everyday purchases.

Gotta Have It

  • Gadgets For Girls

    Do you have a leading lady in your life that’s into the hottest tech? Take a look at some tech gifts we found for the ladies!

  • Wearable Tech

    Technology isn’t just for the desk or your pocket anymore. See what tech you'll want to wear this year!

  • Cupid's Digital Helpers

    Are you on a quest for love? We’ve done our research, and found three of the coolest apps to help Cupid's arrow hit the right person for you!

  • High Tech Kitchen Gadgets

    Are you the type to spend most of your time in the kitchen baking and cooking during the holidays? Then you will definitely want to get your hands on these high-tech kitchen gadgets this season.

AT&T Commercials

  • "Seeing Stars"

    Advanced technologies like 4G LTE are becoming even more advanced every single day. And people are utilizing those technologies to usher in a complete paradigm shift in our culture. Smart has become the new cool and innovators have become the new celebrities.