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Top Beauty Vloggers Tips

The basics you need to get started

Are you the go-to makeup artist for your girls? Do you know the difference between a cut crease and a cat eye? Have you been talking about starting your beauty channel, but always have some excuse for why you haven't done it yet? Well, we got you. We talked to five popular YouTube beauty vloggers to glean some solid advice on getting started. Check out tips from the GlamTwinz, Destiny Godley, Jodi LaMont from The Brilliant Beauty, and Jessica Pettway below. Each has been recording D.I.Y. tutorial, beauty-haul reviews and Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos for years. 

  1. You Likely Have What You Need—Need a camera? “Don’t sleep on your phone. “[It’s] extremely user-friendly and competes with the most expensive DSLR,” Jodi LaMont says. Need a cute backdrop to film in front of? Destiny Godley suggests using leftover wrapping paper. It’s inexpensive, and you likely have some stashed away somewhere. If not, head to your local discount home-décor store.
  2. Get Your Lights Right—Every one of our vlogger experts mentioned lighting as a crucial component to filming great videos. The Murrell twins are partial to using natural light to save on costs. Godley and Pettway are fans of 5500K light bulbs in the filming area. If funds are low, consider this trick from Godley: attach a clip-on light to the back of your chair. You can find cheap ones at the home-improvement store.
  3. The Basics are Just Fine—Fancy production equipment is not only expensive, it also requires the know-how to use it. LaMont suggests using whatever editing software comes standard on your computer. Those programs “will get the job done until you get the aesthetic you want for your videos," LaMont says.
  4. Be Yourself (Consistently)—Our vlogger friends emphasized this again and again. “People like authenticity,” say the Murrell Twins. Viewers also like consistency and personal engagement. It’s what drives repeat visits and channel subscriptions.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with these tips. Tag us with #TheBridgeATT once you go live!  


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