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Happy Valentines Day

Should They Be Your Valentine

A guide to appropriate gifting

It’s very sweet to want to give your co-worker a Valentine treat. Or your favorite trainer at the gym. But all treats are not created equal. Give chocolate to the wrong person and you might find yourself in the awkward position of explaining the friend zone or having a conversation with HR.


As always, though, the Bridge has your back. Pull up this handy guide before you give a stuffed bear or the bouquet to the wrong person.


For the Coworker—Apply the elementary school rule here: Bring enough for everyone or don’t bring any at all. Sweets are great for this crowd. One of our favorite cookbook authors, Caroline Randall Williams, has a great recipe for Honey Peanut Brittle. If cooking isn’t your thing, there’s no shame in grabbing cupcakes or cookies from the grocery store. Just make sure you’re pulling from the bakery section. Pre-packaged just doesn’t quite say “love”.


For the Crew—Your “peoples” deserve love, too, whether it’s that friend going through a break up or the loving-life single in your circle. Gifts for these folks should be fun and affirming. A reminder that they make the world a better place. Depending how deep the love and your pockets go, consider something practical, but chic like a wearable or something simple, but meaningful like a card with a handwritten note explaining what they mean to you


For the Cuddle Buddy—This one is especially tricky … to give or not give? Choose wrong and you might be in search for a new “friend”. Hedge your bets and give sunflowers or yellow rose. Yellow is the color of friendship. You should be safe. Unless, of course, you want more. Go with red roses then. And good luck!


For the Committed Partner—Go all out! And, no, this doesn’t mean spend what you don’t have or stress out trying to top the Joneses. We mean take your time and think about what would make your special someone feel special. You can go analog with a great night at home with good food and good music or digital by recording a message of love on your mobile and share it far and wide.


Let us know how it goes on social with #TheBridgeATT


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