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Smarter Summer Travel

How to get your travel life on the cheap

Fans, followers and friends are always questioning how entrepreneur Gabrielle Hickmon is able to maintain a globetrotting lifestyle while also growing her online lifestyle platform for women of color, The Reign XY. In short, they want to know how a young woman just starting out manages to make trips to far-flung locations a regular thing in between investing time and dollars in her business. But when they ask, the answer is always the same: “The name of the game is [figuring out] who has what and when,” she says.

Below are two tips of her favorite tips on doing just that.

1.   Go Hard on Digital

You need to hustle to get the best deals, which means using at least three flight apps and keeping your eyes open, Hickmon says. She likes to start with Hopper, which tracks flight prices and predicts when they’ll rise. Another digital tool she likes is momondo because of its easy interface and automatic fare compare of more than 700 travel sites. And, she turns to Skyscanner for hotels and rental cars. If you have some flexibility of timing and location, Hickmon suggests checking out the app’s Explore feature. It offers a real-time overview of travel deals. 

2. Keep Your Options Open

Hickmon is a big fan of Rome2Rio, an app that allows you to type in location and learn all the different ways to travel there. For now, the app’s reach is limited to the States and Europe, but the idea behind it is one you can apply anywhere. Flights are not the only way to travel. Many countries offer inexpensive bus and train service. Just be sure to do your research and be sure you understand any stops and transfers involved, Hickmon says. And she suggests registering your international travel plans online through the State Department’s Enroll-a-Trip program.

Got anything to add? Share your summer travel tips with #TheBridgeATT.

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