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Where to Go for Spring Break 2017

Travel bloggers weigh in

There was a time when Spring Break meant keeping the kitchen clean and taking out the chicken for dinner before your mom got home. But those days are gone. You’re grown and yet unencumbered by a 9 to 5! Don’t spend one of your last clear and free vacations binge watching shows on your parents’ couch. Download your favorites to your tablet and hit the road in search of new experiences while you still can.


To help you along, we asked some of our favorite travel bloggers for ideas on where best to get away while you’re young and free.  Check out their suggestions. 


Budget-Friendly New Orleans

Shut Up and Go’s Damon and Jo are a pair of multilingual ‘90s kids who travel the world with nothing but backpacks on the regular. For Spring Break 2017 they recommend checking out NOLA for a change of pace.

 “While your friends are sunbathing at the same beach they go to every year, you'll be out swing dancing in jazz clubs, visiting voodoo shrines and practicing your Cajun French in the restaurants that serve everything from gator on a stick (yes, alligator meat) to jambalaya. If you're looking for culture, energy and to feel like you've left the country without flashing your passport, [New Orleans] for you.”


Afro-Latin Colombia

Oneika the Traveler, an international educator with a passion for learning new languages and traveling abroad, suggests grabbing your passport and taking a trip down south to Colombia.

 “Colombia is a destination that has both sizzle and sass. Cartagena, rich in colorful Afro-Colombian culture with a gorgeous coastline, is a great place to spend a few days, as is the capital of Bogota, which is the historical hub of the country.” 


Adventure in Aruba

World Wide Nate’s vlog focuses on adventure, culture and food. He says Aruba is ideal for travelers looking for a bit of it all.

“White sand beaches are in abundance, and the trade winds that the islands offer makes every day a perfect beach day. Plus, you won’t have a problem finding a beach party on any given night to dance under the stars. If you want to keep it global during spring break, Aruba is the way to go!”


Cruise on

When she’s not posting about her travels, vlogger Taylor Travels is a flight attendant. No surprise then that she encourages trying a cruise for a change of pace.

“With any cruise longer than three nights, you will most likely visit and explore two or more places in one trip! Once you step foot on your cruise ship, you will not want for any of your needs: your accommodation, food, and entertainment. Cruise ships are the best for any vacation where you are not sure where you want to go or do not care as long as it is warm and beautiful!”

Traveling mercies! Tag us in your Spring Break 2017 pics with the #theBridgeATT. 


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