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The Year in Kicks

Sneakerheads on which apps and sites to watch

When the clock struck 12 on January 1, marking the start of 2017, your average laymen were thinking about how many pounds they planned to lose and/or how they would spend more time with their family, among other goals. But, for sneaker enthusiasts, the coming of the new year brought one big question: What will I be wearing on my feet over the next 365 days? We checked in with a quartet of these “sneakerheads,” from all walks of life, and got the lowdown on shoe releases they’re hyped about for 2017—and the websites and apps that help them keep up with the latest footwear.

Nicholas Chang

Nicholas Chang, Editor, Atlanta

 I've been looking forward to the Reebok Vetements Instapump Fury collaboration since I first read about it on, which is my go-to site for info about new sneaker releases. I love the irony of mass producing a shoe that's intended to look DIY. Of course, the whole point is that if you actually just drew on your shoes, it wouldn't be nearly as cool. But it draws attention to the fact that fashion often doesn't make sense, and we all know—but we still can't deny the power of brands to influence what we think is or isn't cool.


Taunja Pegues, Stylist, Washington, D.C.

My most anticipated release of 2017 is part of the Nike capsule collection with COMME des GARÇONs HOMME Plus. This [special edition] Nike Dunk is clear with a black swoosh, and ... has to be added to my Dunk collection. Instagram is the best way to stay on top of what's hot.


Jeff Lucky, Hip-Hop Artist and Filmmaker, Los Angeles

I know a lot of people are checking for the Lebron retros, but I’m ready for the Air Max 1 “Elephants” to drop. The Lebrons are cool, but I've loved the Max 1's in general since I was a kid. They fit my style, and they're comfortable as hell. You can't go wrong with them. I usually check for info on release dates, and I scroll through IG to see what catches my eye. 

Which tools and apps are you using to feed your sneaker jones? Let us know with #TheBridgeATT.


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