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5 Questions with Rob Haze

Comedian Rob Haze on comedy’s universal truths

These days you can find comedian Rob Haze cracking jokes on primetime, co-hosting his podcast “The Book of Ye” and headlining shows like Comedy Binge, the first-ever online comedy. But a few years ago, he was just another college kid performing at open mics in Athens, Ga. Haze’s path from funny poems read on coffee-shop stages to opening for some of comedy’s biggest stars has been guided by his belief that bringing people together versus tearing them apart is a major key of success.


It’s philosophy that’s paying off in gigs, exposure and opportunities, which is why The Bridge recently sat down with Haze to get his POV on the comedy game and how to win at it.


What does “grinding” look like in daily, tactical terms? Most people are not grinding; they are talking about grinding. People really grinding don't have time to post about it.


How does writing sketches for mobile, the ‘Gram and Snapchat differ from writing for television, film or the stage?

Mobile sketches to me are made with a disposable mindset. The people creating them know the longest [the content] will last is a day. So a sketch will have one premise if that. On television a sketch will have multiple premises. There [are] tons of ideas that could be individual mobile sketches.


What’s the one mistake you see comedians making when producing and distributing their own content?

Quality control. People have seen people win by putting out tons of content, but that isn't for everyone. I think the best are both creators and curators.


Which sites, apps, platforms etc. do you rely on to stay on top of the comedy game? Television in some capacity—YouTube … Netflix.  Social media is the least consistent, but has the most impact.


They say good comedy is universal. What does that mean?

We have a shared human experience. The funniest things tap into that. It’s deeper than references and stereotypes. There are things we all have—family, relationships, social interactions—that can create humor for everyone.


What is your one unbreakable business rule?

Control. My biggest pet peeve is when people say, “Post this”. My social media is controlled by me, and I will post what I want. 


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