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Music Festival Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Close out the season stuntin’ & swayin’

The end of summer is just around the corner, which means the end of music festival season, too. Check out our tips on making sure those final Summer ’17 festival pics you take with your phone look as good as the time you had.


DO: Dress for the Season

We get it. You’re ready to whip out all that fly fall gear you copped during the Presidents Day sales. But it’s not time. Trust us. Winter is coming, but it’s not here. Don’t let heatstroke make you miss your favorite act. Bring lightweight layers—a hoodie or cotton button-up—if you’re worried about getting cold once the sun sets.


DON’T: Overdo the Trends

Rocking a flower headband, a choker and stringy cut-offs all at once is too much! Same goes wearing those plastic neon frames, street-wear tanks and slip-ons. Be original! You’re there to enjoy the music, not play the role of “Festival-goer No. 1”. Make a personal style statement with some vintage shades or a dope print.


DO: Respect the Sun

#Melaninmagic won’t keep those UV rays from burning you. Apply and then re-apply sunscreen throughout the weekend, especially if you’re wearing a tank or going shirtless. Sunburn isn’t sexy, friends. Incorporate a Dad hat or a summer-weight fedora into your look to protect your face.


DON’T: Bring that BIG Bag

Movement is the goal at a music festival. You’ll be dancing, walking, eating, and waiting. An oversized purse or backpack will only get in the way—and wear you out as you lug it around. If you have to bring something, go small and lightweight like a fanny pack or cross-body bag. Or better yet leave the bag at home and use your pockets.


Any tips we missed? Let us know on social #TheBridgeATT. 


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