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Moving Menu: 4 Black-Owned Food Trucks You Should Visit

It’s official, the food truck revolution has taken over, and it’s captured appetites in cities all over the United States. From gourmet cupcakes to stuffed chicken wings, in the world of food trucks, you don’t have to go any farther than the street curb to get some of the best food your city is serving up. To celebrate the amazingness that is good food on wheels, we’ve compiled a list of Black-owned food trucks from all over the nation that dish up top-notch food right on the block. Literally.

Baltimore, Maryland’s Fowl Play Food Truck

If you’re looking for a hearty, seasoned helping of protein look no further than the Fowl Play Food Truck. The only meat they serve is chicken, but it’s cooked up in so many ways (pulled chicken, chicken cheese steak), you’re sure to find a meal that suits your taste. Plus, almost everything on the menu is covered in their sweet and tangy Fowl Play sauce, which, according to an online ratings site, has changed a few people’s lives.

Must-order Item: Baldy Wings


Washington D.C.’s NeatMeat

Sometimes, after sitting at a desk all day, you just want to get sloppy. We’re talking about sloppy joe, folks. Despite the misleading name, all NeatMeat sells is gourmet sloppy joe sandwiches… not those little mystery meat joes from the school cafeteria. Oh, no. At NeatMeat, options include beef, turkey, lamb, pork, and even tofu for vegetarians. Now, you might have trouble keeping all the meat on the bun but that’s why they call it a sloppy joe, isn’t it?

Must-order Item: Joey Melt

Midland, TX’s Brown’s Bar-B-Q

If you’ve ever wanted to try good Texas barbecue, Brown’s is your spot. Here you’ll not only find traditional barbecue sandwiches, but barbecue burritos (a.k.a Tex-Mex), which are just as good – if not better – for a hungry stomach. If you’re not planning on driving through West Texas any time soon, Brown’s will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this year for a food truck festival and golf tournament. They don’t call ‘em “Get Around Brown’s” for nothing.

Must-Order Item: Signature Brisket Wrap


Chicago, IL’s The Southern Pitch

Everybody loves a buy one, get one free deal, and at The Southern Pitch you can get good food and a Black history lesson all for one price. That’s right. They not only serve up traditional soul food made from owner Don Curry’s family recipes, but also historical facts about past African American baseball players and teams… hence the name “Southern Pitch.”

Must-order Item: The Chicago American Giants’ Soul Food Plate

The next time you’re in the area of one of these food trucks with a craving for something new, catch up with one of these cleverly named food trucks for a unique experience and an even more unique meal.