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How to Manage a Music Career

5 tips from music manager Justin LaMotte

R&B sensation Ari Lennox is just one of the artists Justin LaMotte has successfully steered through their careers, helping them to land record label deals, go on international tours, and much more.


LaMotte recently shared with the Bridge five tips on succeeding in the ever-changing music industry. And now we’re sharing them with you.


1. Be persistent and never give up.

“If you have a vision for an artist or an opportunity that you really believe in, it’s important to be consistent and persistent. Don’t be stalled by the first no because there’s always going to be those. Eventually there’s going to be a yes if you continuously push for what you really believe in.”


2. Live and breathe the 95–5% Rule

“If you’re an artist, you should focus on 95% of the creativity of the business and let your manager have 5% input, and vice versa. You guys work together for a reason. You’re clearly good at your art, and you hired a manager who is clearly good at business—let them do their job.”


“People who like you will want to work with you because they respect you.” —Justin LaMotte, Artist Manager


3. Do Your Research

“There are so many facets of the music industry that you have to learn about as an artist manager, from understanding how to communicate with executives and navigating the label system to dealing with booking agencies, promoters, venues and the world of publishing.


Constantly research to stay in the know of what’s going on. Music is an ever-changing industry, and there’s always some knew technology coming out, a new deal structure that could potentially make more money for your clients, and new brands popping up that are looking to do activations with artists.”


4. Build Positive Relationships

“You never know who’s going to be who within the next five years. You could be disrespectful to an assistant and then five years later they’re the head of a department at a label. Now you have to deal with them, and they’re going to be like, ‘Oh, I remember how you disrespected me.’”


5. Protect Your Reputation

“As a manager, reputation is key. People who like you will want to work with you because they respect you. And, when you’re respected and you have the knowledge, it’s easy to find money.”


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