Have Yourself a Fashionable Fourth!


It’s that time of the year again! We’ve brought back one of our fashion favorites to get you fresh in your red white and blue for the summer’s most anticipated holiday.

Celebrating the Fourth of July is all about food, fun and fireworks. But, it’s also an opportunity to make a fashion statement. And what better way to do that than to incorporate our greatest symbol of patriotism – the American flag. More and more designers are choosing to rep our country through American flag-inspired designs, giving you lots of options to have a fashionable Fourth.

Check out the list of items below that you’ll want to include in your Fourth of July getup this year. 

American Flag Tanks

Men, women and children can all take a part in this fashion trend – tanks don’t discriminate. There are a variety of tanks out there that can be dressed down or up for the pool party, parade or barbecue you’re attending this year.


American Flag Shorts

It’s summer time and shorts are definitely what’s up when it’s reaching 100 degrees outside. American flag shorts are one of the latest ways that women are representing Team USA. They come in all different styles from high-waist to cut off, but they’re definitely a must-have. If you’re feeling creative, you could even make your own. Check out these DIY American flag shorts that blogger I Am Emma Wilde created. You could totally recreate this look with some fabric and a sewing machine!

American Flag Swimsuits

Here’s another trend everyone can take part in. From stars and stripes bikinis to full flag board shorts, men and women, boys and girls can all sport the American flag poolside this Fourth of July. It’s a fun way to show your patriotic spirit and stay cool.


African American Flag Accessories

An emerging trend that young entrepreneurial designers have been creating is the “African America.” New Yorker, Michelle Olomojobi took her love for her country and pride for her African American heritage and created a series of “African American items” for her brand, LLULO. LLULO focuses on creating apparel and accessories to showcase a combined pride with items like t-shirts, pins and clutches. Turn heads and  “stunt on ‘em” this year with her designs!

These four trends are just a few options for your Fourth of July fresh attack. What are you looking forward to wearing for your Fourth of July ’14 celebration? Let us know on our Facebook page.