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The Look of Fall 2017

Style experts weigh in.

Fall and winter looks mean rich textures, luxe fabrics, layers, outerwear, and my personal favorite—boots. We’ve compiled a panel of experts to share their favorite tips on cold weather style and skin care.


Our Panel:


First thing’s first, cold weather is harsh on your skin. How do we handle this?

Ashlei: Moisturize nightly, and using one with retinol, helps with fine lines and anti-aging. During the day use a moisturizer with at least SPF 30—yes even in the fall/winter months. Exfoliate at least once a week. For ladies, it’s good to do in the morning before applying make-up so a fresh layer of skin is revealed and makeup goes on smoother.

Lauren: Taking care of your skin is very “in style” right now. Tools like jade rollers and electronic facial cleansing devices are all the rage and make skincare fun. 


Let’s talk shoes. What trends are hot this season?

Ashlei: We saw the stacked, more-chunky heel re-emerge this summer in sandals, and it has also made its way to boots making the vibe very retro. As far as height, you can go from a thigh-high/over-the-knee style that pairs well with dresses all the way down to an ankle bootie that you could wear with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans.

Temil: For the fall you can never fail with a pair of Chelsea boots. They pair well whether you're at a business meeting or happy hour.


Layering is key to staying comfortable, as it gets colder. How do we pull this off with style?

Ashlei: The key here is all about the fabrics, and it’s pretty simple. You want something heavier over a lighter, more airy piece, like a fur vest over a soft flowy blouse. The newest layering piece trending right now is the anorak/utility jacket.

Lauren: Layers are what fall is all about! However, this season layers go beyond your typical cardigans, blazers, and jacket. Handbags are being layered—micro bags layered over larger shoulder bags—and even the way shoes are being styled has a layered element to them.


What’s your take on coats versus jackets?

Temil: Although I love both, I will always choose a jacket over a coat because a jacket has so much more versatility. You can layer up with a jacket and wear one three seasons out the year, whereas with a coat you're limited to wearing it during the winter.

Lauren: There are so many outwear options and people want to show them off whether they are indoors or out. Puffer coats, kimonos, and oversized trenches should all have a place in your closet this fall.


Be sure to share your favorite fall looks with us on social with #TheBridgeATT. 


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