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The Post-Easter Stunt

Repurposing your Easter best

Whether you used all your refund coins or hit up those annual sales, we know you were sharp for Easter Sunday. When you entered that house of worship (or slid into the post-service brunch), we know you were representing for every grandmother who ever put petroleum jelly on ashy knees.

Well, the stuntin’ doesn’t have to stop, friends. Your Eastery finery can keep you selfie fresh throughout spring and summer. But, like anything, there are rules to this. Here are a few:

1.  Mind Your Hat EtiquetteFunk Fest 2017 is not the place to rock your Easter fascinator. People behind you will be mad. Instead, pair it with a simple white tank, wedges, and jeans and elevate your Sunday brunch game. Bonus points if nets and feathers are involved.

2.  Hard Bottoms Aren’t for Everything—Yes, they’re beautiful. And kudos to those rocking handmade joints. However, hard-bottom, closed-toe shoes, no matter how elegantly crafted, are not to be worn with shorts or tank tops. Don’t do it to yourself—or the culture. Save those your suits and crisp jeans.

3.  Ditch the Pantyhose—It’s 2017. You can wear a sheath without covering your legs.

4.  Find Balance—Easter fashion is all about showing up and showing out in bright colors and patterns. It’s beautiful but a lot to handle in an everyday setting. Use a jean jacket to temper that hibiscus dress or those seersucker pants. Plain tees are another good option. You want to pop versus scream.

5.  Pace the Postings—Give it some time before posting pics of your recycled best. A good rule of thumb: If your Easter Sunday photos have made it to the fourth row of your IG feed, you’re clear to wear that hat, dress, or suit again.

Got your own rules? Share them on social and tag us with #TheBridgeATT. 


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