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5 Traits of a Good Podcast Guest

Innovation Crush host Chris Denson on how to get invited back

Chris Denson launched his popular weekly podcast, Innovation Crush, three years ago. In that time, he’s played host to more than 150 guests, ranging from kid bosses to boxing champions, and racked up more than 675,000 subscribers. With numbers like those it’s safe to say Denson knows a thing or two about what makes for a great podcast—and podcast guest. So we asked him to share his thoughts on the latter. Check out his tips below.


Rule No. 1: Be Mindful of Sound

Bracelets, watches, beverages and beating on the table for emphasis are distractions. "They show up in the audio and create more work for the podcast production crew," Denson says. Keep that in mind as you sit down to record. And don’t let the sound of your own voice throw you off. “You sound like you always sound,” Denson says with a laugh.


Rule No. 2: Run Your Mouth

Blathering is ok. A host would rather have too much content than not enough. “Go deep,” Denson says. “A good host will guide you back into the conversation if you go too far off base.”


Rule No. 3: Be You

“Who you are as an individual is equally as interesting as what you do,” Denson says. Be yourself; get to know the host and let them know you. Denson is cool with guests asking for questions ahead of time, but cautions against rehearsing answers. “Don’t overthink. You want spontaneity.”


Rule No. 4: Be on Time

When Denson tells the story of the guest who was 45 minutes late to a session, you can still hear the annoyance in his voice. And, he’s a pretty easygoing guy. But a late guest can throw everything off, especially if the show is recorded in studio. “A podcast is a production,” Denson says. “Producing it costs people money in terms of studio time and labor.” So be respectful of that and show up on time and ready to talk.


Rule No. 5: Smile

Even if the show is audio only, listeners can “hear” your smile. Enjoy yourself. It will make for a better show.


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