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Black Couple

Black Love on the Air

Three podcasts focused on black love

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, with hundreds popping up online to tackle every conceivable topic. It makes sense, then, that love and relationships would be among the top podcast subjects, with a broad variety of programs targeting single women, married couples, LGBTQI audiences, and all points in between.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re turning our attention to two podcasts that address, promote, and support Black love and relationships. And sharing tips from their hosts.


Love Works


Baltimore-based artists and entrepreneurs Pierre and Jamyla Bennu are no strangers to the spotlight, as a dynamic couple whose friendship and romantic partnership has given them hero status to those who’ve followed their journey. Their podcast, Love Works, launched in September 2016 and is—literally—a peak into the Bennus’ lives after they’ve put the kids to bed. Once the kiddos are sleep, the Bennus talk everything from parenting to art and culture.

Black Love Line:  “You can't fly with one wing over your heart. Vulnerability can be scary, but with trust, it's possible to really learn about both yourself and your partner, which is path toward growth and closeness that builds over time.”

The truth isn't always easy, but it will always—ALWAYS—set you free! And more than being honest with your partner, you have to be honest with yourself …” BETTAHALF Co-host @Fahamu Pecou



Married for three years, together for seven, vegan chef Jamila and artist Fahamu Pecou offer a blended-family perspective on what holds love together. Each episode of BettaHalf features a guest couple talking with the Pecous about how they make their committed relationships “work”. #MEETTHEPECOUS and join the conversation.

Black Love Line: “The truth isn't always easy, but it will always—ALWAYS—set you free! And more than being honest with your partner, you have to be honest with yourself … That frees you from trying to do and be something you're not and allows your partner to make an informed decision about being with you.”


DRL with Tennesha Wood


Dating, Relationships, & Love (DRL) host Tennesha Wood turned a reality-show stint into a career as black-love guru advising Millennial women how to win at online dating. Tune into DRL, though, and you’ll hear personal stories and advice on finding love in New York City from Wood and a motley mix of guests. Conversations cover everything from serial monogamy, friend zones and how to stay friendly with the ex.

Black Love Line: “[Online dating] helps you narrow down what you want. It’s a great way to say, ‘I think I want this, but let me try this.”


Got a love or life question for our podcast hosts? Ask them on social with #TheBridgeATT.


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