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Build a #BlackExcellence Playlist

Digital Dumbo’s DJ Clean offers tips

Not quite ready to let Black History Month 2017 go? Well, we aren’t either. That’s why we asked DJ Clean, creative collective Digital Dumbo’s resident DJ, to help us put together the perfect playlist to keep the celebration of Black Excellence going throughout the year.


Here’s what he shared …


Tip No. 1: Embrace It All (For the Most Part)

Nineties R&B. Nigerian funk. House. Gospel. Even trap music represents a facet of the African-American experience and deserves a place on your playlist, according to Clean’s way of thinking. He does, however, caution against incorporating genres that might be considered “a watered down version of what black people initially created". Keep it authentic, he says.


Tip No. 2: Focus on Uplifting

The goal is to create a celebration and a spiritual connection. “We are literally beings of energy, and music is nothing more than frequency,” Clean says. Make sure your playlist promotes positive vibes as it blasts through the speakers.


Tip No. 3: Tell a Story

Like a good story a good playlist flows through three stages: the beginning, the climax and the conclusion. Try to make your transitions seamless between the three—smooth and unnoticeable. Clean says consider how you want listeners to feel at end. Hype? Chill? Keep that in mind as you’re choosing which songs go where.


Want to learn more about building the perfect playlist? Reach out to DJ Clean on social with #TheBridgeATT.


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