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Keep your eyes on these four live-stream broadcasters

Apps like Meerkat, YouNow and Periscope now make it possible to share in another’s experiences, in real time, from just about any device—including your mobile. But not all streams are created equal. The good ones understand creating compelling content is about more than merely pushing record. With that in mind, we suggest following these four live-streamers of color who are showing the rest how it’s done.


Mattie James

The Brand Expert: Mattie James (@Mattieologie)

Hearts: 2,000,000+

This up-and-coming marketing maven is a must follow if you want to enhance your brand’s potential. James, whose motto is “Slay your day and live what you love”, made her mark in the streaming world thanks to her unique take on beauty and personal style and life hacks everyone can benefit from. Her on the go–style broadcasts are informative without feeling like you're in a classroom and charming without distracting from the topic at hand.


Mike Smalls, Jr.

The Goof Master: Mike Smalls Jr. (@MikeSmallsJr)

Hearts: 240,000+

Mike Smalls, Jr. knows how to make a good comedy video. His Vine boasts an impressive 11 million loops. His Periscope account has more than 200,000 likes, and his YouNow stream has been tagged as an Editor Choice for humor. Keep your eye on this kid. His charismatic live broadcasts range from fan questions to silly songs. If you’re looking for something fun and energetic, Smalls is your man.


Shelah Marie

The Advocate: Shelah Marie (@ShelahMarie)

Hearts: 150,000+

Shelah Marie’s weekly “Soul Study” broadcasts offer insight into self-care from the inside out. The actress, online personality and self-proclaimed “feminista” is passionate about uplifting and empowering Black women in particular through discussions of health and well-being. Her candid perspective and vibrant personality should make her a great addition to your favorites playlist.


Africa Miranda

The Star: Africa Miranda (@africamiranda)

Hearts: 70,500+

Africa Miranda is quickly becoming one of the streaming world’s first bona fide superstars. Her award-nominated lifestyle broadcast, Africa TV, offers regular glimpses into the busy life of this performer/spokesmodel/actress. Follow her to get behind-the-scenes access to the worlds of entertainment and beauty.

Share your favorite stream broadcasters with us in the comments or via social with the hashtag #TheBridgeATT.


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