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Staying Connected During Deployment

Keep up with your soldier, sailor, airman or Marine with these apps and services

When you’re part of a military family, separation is inevitable. Your relationships definitely will be long distance at some point. Being apart doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected though. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we’re sharing some tech tools you can use to keep the communication lines open during a deployment.  


  • Tango— Conflict zone deployments can last up to a year. That’s a lot of bandwidth spent on video calls and text message. Tango aims to alleviate some of that financial burden by offering free video chat to military personnel and their loved ones. The app also allows users to send and receive text, stickers, photos, video and location messages—again, for free. You can even play games while on your calls.


  • Sandboxx—For more tangible displays of affection, consider using Sandboxx. The app converts pics and text messages into physical letters. Sandboxx prints and mails the letters same-day along with a stamped and addressed return envelope. You can pay as you go at $3 a letter or choose from one of three bulk mailing packages.


  • MoraleSat—When neither mobile service nor WiFi is feasible, the military relies on MoraleSat satellite-based voice, video, and Internet services. The service is free to members of the military. And it allows them access to social media and networking sites, such as Facebook, iTunes, and Skype in remote outposts, which means no one will miss that latest pic or funny meme.


Know of any other apps or tools keeping military personnel abroad connected to those stateside? Let us know with the hashtag #TheBridgeATT.


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