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Winning Small Business Saturday

How tech and mobile date can help spike small-biz sales

It’s the holiday season. As a business owner, that means one thing: consumers are spending money and you are here for it. Estimates say consumer spending during the season will be up 10% over 2015’s holiday shopping season. What’s even more exciting is digital sales and mobile shopping is projected to increase by 25%.


So, do you have your Small Business Saturday specials all lined up, email blasts sent out and plans for retargeting in place? Not so much? Ok, here are a few things to consider during this “Get Money” season:


1. Personalize your Marketing Messages to Get Results. Running promotions during the holiday season is a great idea; all of your competitors are doing it. Make sure you stand out and get your message to your core base of consumers. In my most recent video, “Make it Count”, I outlined the steps you need to take to collect customer shopping data and behavior on your online platform. Use the insights from your customers’ behavior to create tailored marketing messages. Geo-target your social media ads to customers and potential customers near you. Create retargeted search ads that show products that users have viewed but did not purchase.  Close the deal with a witty Black Friday message. When emailing promotions to your customers, make sure the messages are personalized; include their name in the subject line, give them discounts on products or accessories similar to what they’ve purchased previously. All of these methods have proven to significantly outperform blanket or mass

“One of the benefits of seasonal shopping is that you are able to collect more shopping data on new and established customers to enhance their experience with you moving forward.”

2. Leverage the influence of your customers' social media reach to gain new customers. The authentic, old-fashioned word-of-mouth referral still carries the most weight. The power of social media allows you to take that to the next level. Why not launch a social media promotion during Cyber Monday to encourage customers to share their shopping experiences with you via social media and tag your profile? If you have a physical storefront, make shopping in your store an exciting event. Create a personalized Snapchat filter so customers can share the fun in their feed. Encourage your customers to “check in” on Facebook for the opportunity to receive a gift or discount coupon for a later date. There’s nothing better than FOMO to drive physical and digital traffic to you. As you gain new followers across your social media profiles and your platforms, make sure you capture information to ensure they have an optimal shopping experience.

3.  Data collected now can yield additional sales later. Just because Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are over that doesn’t mean your spike in sales have to be. One of the benefits of seasonal shopping is that you are able to collect more shopping data on new and established customers to enhance their experience with you moving forward. You can retarget your customers in your content marketing with products that interest them and drive results. Fine-tune your social media calendars (What’s that? Learn more…) with content related to your best sellers and include photos from in store events to continue to drive digital and foot traffic.


If you are not yet prepared for this weekend, it’s not the end of the world. Get your technology in place now to prepare for December shoppers. There’s a sizeable opportunity this holiday shopping season, if you maximize it, you could coast nicely into 2017.


For more tips on how to win Small Business Saturday from AT&T, visit here.


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