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Founder Feature: Partnr’s Amanda Sabreah

Her four steps to finding your thing

When many people think of a tech start-up founder, the image of mid-20s male might come to mind. Well, Amanda Sabreah is shaking up that notion as founder and CEO of the social work platform, Partnr.


While working with one of the largest beverage brands in the world on its youth outreach program, Sabreah noticed a need for a collaboration platform geared toward how creatives work. She developed Partnr, “digital solution that enables creatives to build an ideal team, provide a digital workspace and bring projects to life,” in response.


Though Sabreah is now a familiar face in Southeastern tech circles, her journey to this place was not without challenges. Being a woman of color in the start-up eco-system was just one of them. She attributes her success to discipline, a great team and always staying 10 steps ahead.


“I don’t necessarily think that there’s a hardcoded blueprint. However, I think there’s an easy four-step process,” she says before breaking it down as follows:


1.      Identify the pain you’re solving

2.      Identify your core customer

3.      Identify the true value in your offering

4.      Identify how you’re going to market and build a base.


Sabreah enthusiastically shares this information because encouraging African Americans to create their own careers in tech is important to her. That’s why she actively works to pay it forward by sharing her experiences.  


“A lot of what exists right now is elevated when black people get involved,” Sabreah says. “Imagine us in the driver’s seat from the very beginning.”


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