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5 Job Search Tools

Looking for your next career move?

No one likes the job-search hustle. Even if you already have a job, the process can be tedious, and time-consuming. So many online applications to fill out. So many PDFs to upload. So many interviews to keep track of. But, lucky you, you live in age where mobile makes most tasks just a bit better. The apps below, for example, are intended to make the search for that next gig as easy as pulling out your phone.


Unconscious or not, bias in hiring is real. Blendoor is a work around. The app’s proprietary algorithm hides data irrelevant to job requirements so that recruiter decisions are based on qualifications versus race or age.


Ladders wants to be the one place you go to for everything related to job searching, regardless of your life stage. Perks include feedback on applications, access to salary benchmarking reports, and tips for negotiating.


Mentat uses machine learning to match you with job opportunities based on your searching habits. The more you search, the more refined Mentat’s suggestions.

Monster Job Search

This app optimizes job postings for mobile so you can browse through 5 million-plus jobs and apply simply by swiping right on your smartphone or tablet.


Switch pair candidates with jobs opportunities based on experience and location. If a match is made, the app connect you direct with the hiring manager either through chat or e-mail.

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