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Founder’s Feature: Voux’s Freddie Roseman

On stepping out on your own

“I would love for folks to see what I’m doing and get inspired by it. Someone had to jumpstart me, and that’s what I want to do to others.”—Voux App Co-Founder/CEO Freddie Roseman

Lifestyle app Voux co-founder and CEO Freddie Roseman was a kid in Brooklyn when he first fell in love with computers and began to dream about building his own games. In May 2016, he launched Voux, a location-based, social integration tool currently available for free iPhone in the App Store and on Android.

Roseman’s road to launching Voux started with a chance conversation with a friend’s father, who encouraged him buy some circuit boards to make a computer. The experience showed him those aspirations were indeed possible.

After learning to code in high school, Roseman majored in computer science in college. While enrolled he took a work-study assignment teaching students at the university’s business school how to use software. By the time he graduated the business school was using software he had developed in all of its computer labs and to manage its inventory.

Roseman jumped into the corporate world after graduation. However, after focusing on building platforms and opportunities for others, he found himself ready to build something of his own.

“Maybe about a year ago I thought, ‘I want to do something that’s more social, that can have an impact around the things I’m doing in life’”, Roseman says. “And that’s when I created Voux.”


Initially starting as an idea to bridge the gap between Roseman’s personal and professional activities, from playing basketball with friends to planning a date with his wife to going to conferences, Voux now features functionality to manage nearly aspect of  how we live, work, and play together. Users create public and private spots, schedule one-time events or repeating activities, receive real-time updates on what is happening, set notifications to know when "peeps" arrive to or leave from the spot, send and receive secure spot-based messages anytime and anywhere, share pictures, post current location en route to the spot, and get conveniently guided to the spot with Uber and maps integrations to Apple, Google and Waze.


“It’s a lifestyle app,” Roseman says. “I always kind of pitch it as that, because really the idea is that it fits your lifestyle. The more you use Voux, the more you’ll see that you can use it for many different areas within your life.”


Roseman initially bootstrapped Voux with his co-founder, Cory McConnell, and is now is looking for expanded investment from the larger startup community. He is also keenly aware of his standing as an entrepreneur in an industry with very few people of color and hopes his story resonates with younger generations.


“I would love for folks to see what I’m doing and get inspired by it.” Roseman says. “Someone had to jumpstart me, and that’s what I want to do to others.”


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