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Hashtag History: #BlackGirlMagic

The story behind the hashtag


The first tweet about #BlackGirlMagic was actually the tag #BlackGirlsAreMagic. CaShawn Thompson, a writer and frequent blogger, created the tweet in 2013 in reference to a speech Former First Lady Michelle Obama made at the Black Girls Rock Awards.


“I started #BlackGirlsAreMagic to honor the Black women in my family and all around me that I saw doing incredible things, so much so that they appeared to be magical to me,” Thompson says.

“ … all of our struggles and our successes as valid and empowering …”—@thepbg


Since then the tag Thompson created has gone to spark an empowerment movement celebrating black women online and offline, including events, art, merchandise and more.


All of this brings Thompson great satisfaction.


“You can see all of our [black women] struggles and our successes as valid and empowering, be they from Tracee Ellis Ross winning an Emmy or Tracee Jenkins winning Employee of the Month on her job at the supermarket,” Thompson says.


Have a hashtag origin story you’d like us to track down? Let us know in the comments or tag your social post #TheBridgeATT.


Hannah Smith is earning a Master’s in Linguistics from North Carolina State University with a focus on social change, African-American English, and political discourse.  


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