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How to Become a Streamer

Tips from Pro Gamer Aphromoo

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black is one of the most influential professional e-sports players. He’s been playing at the highest-level professionally for six years, most famously as part of the Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) team. Having dominated locally and abroad, his creds are hard to match.


When he’s not leading CLG to victory, you can see Aphromoo streaming himself playing games live on Twitch, where he has more 500,000 followers and almost 60 million views. With those impressive numbers to his name, we thought it made sense to get this e-sports icon’s take on what it takes to be a successful video game streamer.



What gear does someone need to get started as a streamer?

Streaming is definitely an occupation that costs a bit to get started. Internet is the No. 1 priority, with fast upload speeds. [You’ll also need] a monitor, a decent PC build around $1,000, and all the accessories: a webcam, keyboard, mouse, headset or standalone mic with speakers.



Do you suggest streaming the games a player is personally good at or focusing on the hot game of the moment?

When you first start streaming, you should stick to one game at the start in order to build a following. If you jump around all the time, you won’t really maintain a consistent concurrent viewership. Once you build a following, you can jump around here and there for new games.

“When you first start streaming, you should stick to one game at the start in order to build a following.”—E-Sports Star Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black

If someone is starting from scratch with no following, what are some tips to build an audience?

Play one game and either be REALLY good or be entertaining. Whether you have a unique play style, mastered one champion or provide hilarious commentary is up to you. Trying to branch out with other people who are in a similar situation is good.


What are some of the tough parts about streaming people might not know?

The time-consuming consistency you need to have in order to maintain your viewership. How you act on stream will reflect whether or not people come back to watch and what type of audience you'll attract. [And] the mental stress that comes from streaming a lot. And, maintaining you when negative criticism comes and goes. 


Whats more important: skill or personality?

Personality. Skill level is cool and all, but it’s a lot better to build a connection. It is possible to build a connection based on how good you are, but it's a lot more beneficial in the long run to show some personality.


Got more questions for Aphromoo? Reach out to him on Twitter and Twitch with #TheBridgeATT.


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