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Founder Feature: Ben Anderson

On community and teamwork

It’s tough to stop an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. Just ask Amino’s creator, Ben Anderson, who at 28 has made his way onto the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Anderson launched his first tech startup company, the now defunct HypeGenius, out of his dorm at Northeastern University while studying music business. His appetite for innovation has since propelled him into leadership positions at major tech companies. With Amino, he has created a niche fandom community “incubator” like nothing else on the landscape.


The Amino mobile platform acts a community hub where the likeminded share content and communicate with each other. Members can read posts, watch videos and get the latest news and information related to their particular passions. As sci-fi enthusiast himself, Anderson found inspiration for Amino in comic book conventions he attended. He saw an opportunity to expand into the online world the community atmosphere found there. “We wanted to provide [that] experience 24/7 instead of one time per year,” he explains.


Since its launch Amino raised $19.2 million in Series B funding and expanded into apps for communities as large as 100,000 members. Still even with Anderson’s experience and track record, there were challenges. Building the right team was a big one.


“We started the company in Boston and found it hard to recruit people who have relevant experience working at large social consumer companies,” he says. “Moving to New York opened up the pool of candidates significantly. Team is everything.”


Now with his team in place, Anderson is focused on broadening how users interact with Amino. His team of digital strategists and developers are looking at new ways to allow members to customize and deliver on the Amino promise of “Your interests ... times infinity”.


Have you found your tribe on Amino? If so, let us know online with #TheBridgeATT. 


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