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Tech Trends in 5 Words or Less

Innovators and experts share 2016 highlights & 2017 tips

The speed at which tech is changing how the world moves makes it hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. That’s why we reached out to some of our community’s brightest tech minds to get their POV on what changed the game in 2016 and what they expect to see this year.


Candice Salim

Candace Salim, Founder, MNGR Consulting

2016 Tech in 5 Words or Less: “The. United. States. Presidential. Election.”

Tips for 2017:  Practice Discernment — New voices emerge in the tech world every day. Learn to vet them so your decisions are rooted in solid, actionable information. “A true techie sees the social impact that comes along with innovation, observes the trend forecasting and market research that go into the product design, and thrives from learning more about the end users' experiences," Salim says.  Anyone else is faking it.


Marlon Nichols

Marlon Nichols, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Cross Cultural Ventures

2016 Tech in 5 Words or Less: “Increased focus on unmet challenges.”

Tips for 2017:  Pay Attention to Data —Using data to predict and encourage behavior is the new norm. Everyone from Instagram bloggers to sports statisticians is doing it thanks to data collection and sharing advancements. "Technology is playing a huge role to increase transparency and real-time access to business analytics while reducing cost in both the sports and entertainment sectors,” Nichols says.



Eldredge Washington, COO, Spendefy

2016 Tech in 5 Words or Less: “Changing how we build wealth.”

Tips for 2017:  Real Recognizes Real —Ready to tell the world about your new web series? Make sure you’re promoting in spaces authentic to you and your audiences. Washington points to Spendefy’s 2016 launch, which included social cosigns from friends in high places, as an example of how that can play out. The marketing campaign worked because those influencers genuinely believe in Spendefy—and Washington.



CJ Peters, Creative Director, Konsole Kingz

2016 Tech in 5 Words or Less: The setup for 2017 realization.

Tips for 2017:  It’s Bigger than GamingHolograms, which are now interactive thanks to the 2016 release of the first fully un-tethered, holographic computers, are cool on GP. Add the ability to enhance education and you have a real game changer. “Being able to see, solve and think in true three dimensions can have a number of outcomes on a developing young mind,” Peters says.



Lucious Smith, Design Director, BLKQ

2016 Tech in 5 Words or Less: Immersive, cultural, digital coolness.

Tips for 2017:  Follow the Creatives—Being a "techie", Smith says, is more about observation than coding or developing skills.  He suggest following the music industry, specifically live performances,  for a true glimpse of what’s possible at the cross section of tech and entertainment.  Stay on top of how artists are integrating digital experiences to their shows and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

What has you excited about tech in 2017? Let us know with #TheBridgeATT


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