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6 Ways to Use Mobile Technology to Power Up Your Spiritual Life

As a positive psychology enthusiast and author, I often challenge my readers and audiences to tame their tech habits.  Our ability to get what we want in an instant can be overwhelming. The instant gratification of a text message or the ping of an email arriving in your inbox can actually light up the reward centers in your brain.  We feel productive, even when we aren’t actually accomplishing our priorities, simply because we are scrolling through social media or answering non-urgent messages.  But there is one way type of tech habit that does not need taming: the habit of using mobile technology to strengthen your faith and relationships.


Whether texting a prayer to that friend who is headed into a job interview, watching an inspirational message online or pulling up your Bible in the middle of a worship service, mobile technology means incorporating your faith into the way you communicate. Maybe you haven’t thought hard about it, but I invite you to be intentional about using technology to boost your faith.  Here are a few ways I use it:


1.   Devotional apps

Download a devotion onto your mobile device and read it daily. You can even set it up to push notifications at the same time every day.


2.   Download your favorite inspirational books

Keep your favorite inspiration with you. Whether your Bible or a book by your favorite author, it is powerful to have inspiration at your fingertips when you’re waiting in line, sitting on a plane or even lying on the beach. And it is a whole lot lighter than carrying paper books!


3.   Set an evening reminder to count your blessings.

Research shows that those who meditate have lower stress levels and more positive emotion.  Writing down three blessings before you go to bed and reflecting on why they matter to you has been shown to make you less likely to catch colds and more likely to sleep deeply and longer.  Set a reminder on your phone.


4.   Tune in to worship when you can’t be there.

When you can’t make it to church, watch or listen online. You may not get the experience of worshipping with others, but sometimes the focus of solitary worship can be its own powerful experience.


5.   Make an inspirational playlist

Take time to make a playlist that boosts your mood, your confidence and your faith. It is a great way to get your day started right or shift your mood from a negative one to a positive one.


6.   Be inspiration online

We see so much discouragement online. Why not use mobile technology to be a bright light in the midst of negativity?  Make positive posts. See the good. And share it.


Your turn! Be intentional. What are your favorite ways to use technology to boost your faith and keep you inspired throughout your day? If you don’t have any, what could you start doing this week to use technology to enhance your spiritual life?


Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, media personality, positive psychology expert and founder of the CaPP Institute. Visit her at and follow her on social media @valorieburton.


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