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Get Gridiron Ready

Seven ways to prep for football season

As the summer grinds to an end and the kids begrudgingly return to school, there’s a certain electricity in the air. It’s football season. That’s right, the gridiron giants have returned to save us from the sports famine we endure every summer after pro basketball’s champion is crowned. Whether it’s high school, college or pro (for some), we’ve all been looking forward to the return of football season.

In celebration, here are a few tips to get you gridiron ready.


  1. Visit the College Hall of Fame —Located in Atlanta, the College Football Hall of Fame provides a perfect opportunity to squeeze in one last summer trip while soaking up some college football history. There are tons of interactive exhibits including the college game day desk and a play-calling booth. Still waiting on a response to my suggestion for an interactive tailgate keg stand exhibit.
  2. Download the NFL Sunday Ticket App— You need every edge you can get when it comes to fantasy football, and there’s no better way to stay on top of your leagues than the NFL Sunday Ticket app. Yes, “leagues” plural, ‘cause everyone has at least two. There’s no such thing as monogamy when it comes to fantasy football.
  3. Send Family Calendar Reminders to Claim the TV—Games now air Thursday through Monday night, so you’re gonna want to make sure you’ve staked your claim for the good TV or else be doomed to DVR-land.
  4. Upgrade Your Service —Just in case you get bumped from the television and have to stream to a device, you don’t want be frustrated when your internet service is moving at dial-up speed. And, while you’re at it, this would also be a good time to get rid of that flip phone.
  5. Get Your Wings Game Up—Wing eating is an essential part of football season, so don’t let dried-up, struggle wings ruin your game day experience. Use the preseason to fine tune your recipes or find a good wing spot. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at the unicorn of wings, the lemon pepper wet.
  6. Brush Up On The Rules —Don’t be the person who has no idea what’s going on while everyone else around you cheers. The inna-nets provide plenty of resources for the football-challenged to brush up on their game knowledge. Check out groups like Beer, Football and Friends (BFF), which provides an interactive bootcamp for exclusively for those wanting  to learn more about the game.
  7. Volunteer—Maybe football is not your thing this season. Consider using the time you’d usually devote to the game, giving back to a social cause almost as dear to your heart.


How you are prepping for football season 2017? Let us know with #TheBridgeATT


Adrian Dukes is a comedy writer who splits time between L.A. and Atlanta. Follow him at  @adriandukes.


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