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AT&T 28 Days: 2017 Black History Month Celebration

A salute to those who dare to be next

African American innovators have been helping AT&T connect people since Lewis Howard Latimer first drafted plans for Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone in 1876. Our annual AT&T 28 Days Black History Month celebration, now in its ninth year, is just one of the ways we honor that legacy and the continuing role African Americans play in innovations in art, business, community, STEM and entertainment


This year, in the spirit of pioneers like Latimer, we are dedicating the Bridge’s AT&T 28 Days Black History Month coverage to those who dare to be next. The dreamers who do. The believers who act. The people who show up and change the world in ways big and small—forever.


Here’s how you can take part:


1.      Visit the Bridge weekly Feb. 1–Mar. 6 to dive into and share stories of how the legacy of Latimer continues through today’s African American artists, entrepreneurs, inventors and entertainers.


2.      Watch our special mini-documentary series, “Those Who Dare …”, featuring Artist Dubelyoo Wright, Entrepreneur Christine Souffrant, Health Advocate Dr. Ian Smith, STEM Non-profit STEMLY and Recording Artists St. Beauty.


3.      Check out our weekly #BlackExcellence visuals albums highlighting how African Americans shaped and are shaping American culture, commerce and communities. And, be sure to take notes! @ATT Twitter followers who take part in our weekly #BlackExcellence trivia questions can win a $50 AT&T gift card!


4.      Keep the celebration going by entering online Feb. 2–Mar. 5 to win a trip for two to Washington, D.C. plus a tech package.


And, as you come across stories of African Americans using their talents, passions and skills to create a world where everything and everyone work together, tag us with #TheBridgeATT. We’ll spread the word throughout the year!


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