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AT&T 28 Days - Dr. Wayne Frederick

President, Howard University


Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick had been called a "Super Doctor" and named among "America's Best Physicians" by national publications long before he was unanimously elected Howard University's 17th president in 2014.  But accolades are not what drive this triple Howard alumnus. Compassion and a true desire to empower others do.




Q:  Which tech tools help you accomplish your professional and personal goals?

A:  The tools that help me accomplish my goals are my smartphones. I have two of them because my mother and grandmother live outside the U.S. I use my personal smartphone for keeping in touch with them. All my e-mails and professional interactions occur on my work smartphone.


Q:  How do you mobilize your network to stay connected?

A:  I mobilize my network through different means. I use social media. I will also gather people together in different settings, some professional, but a lot times in casual settings. I love to see people interact in casual settings having conversations about things that help them and find ideas and solutions.


Q:  The first step to being a part of the solution is …

A:  The first step to being a part of the solution is making sure that you are not part of the problem. You have to examine what you do to bring about the change that you want to see. But in order to do that you have to make sure you're not participating in the problem. We often look elsewhere and outside of ourselves for things that are concerning.


Q:  What inspires you to work toward making the world a better place?

A:  I was born with sickle-cell anemia, a chronic illness. I'm a Type-1 diabetic. I have every reason to participate in self-pity and spend time wishing that my physical ailments didn't exist. However, the world has given me so much, so much care, so much compassion, so much love. I have a beautiful family that supports me very much in everything I do. I've had an incredible group of friends that I've had the opportunity to grow with. I've been associated with Howard University since 1988. Despite what I can do in my role as president of Howard University, I would never be able to pay the debt of gratitude that I owe her.


Q:  What is the trait you believe has most helped you impact others?

A:  Love is the thing that has allowed me to impact others more than anything else. That love is a reflection of the love I have received from others. I try to go into everything that I do with full passion, full compassion. But I try also to make sure that despite the technical aspects of what I have to do, people feel loved and appreciated.