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Summer Survival Ideas

Level up your summer fun

Summer is easily the most-anticipated time of year. It’s wedding season, cookout season, sundress season. Essentially, it is the super team of seasons. But history has shown us that super teams—and some super rap collabos—don’t always end on the best of notes. And summer is no exception. It’s all fun and games from June through mid-July, but after that, it devolves into an apocalyptic survival flick with kids crying about boredom and a heat index that makes you want to get your life right ‘cause if Hell is anything like this, you ain’t gon’ make it. Not quite the summer time madness that West-Philadelphia-born-and-raised rapper rapped about.

Because we’re for the people, here are some ideas to keep the summer fun on track.

  1. Curate a home film festivalDirectTv Streaming has tons of films from obscure to blockbuster to help you and the fam program an in-home film festival. You could fill out an entire day with comic book movies alone; just make sure you have plenty of popcorn.
  2. Launch a family YouTube channel—Viewers log on daily to watch an insane amount of content including people unwrapping toys, makeup tutorials, and dog karaoke. With just a camera phone and a bit of creativity, your family could be in the mix with your own cooking show or even a telenovela. Who knows, you could be the next internet sensation, but hopefully in the good way.
  3. Navigate your way through a wandering day trip—Let’s face it, there are tons of undiscovered landmarks and tourist attractions that we as locals neglect until out-of-town guests pop in and nag us half to death about seeing some sights. This summer, take the nagging middleman cousin out of the picture and do some sightseeing with your family on your own. Apps like AT&T Navigator can help you find local attractions and interesting neighborhoods to get your Christopher Columbus on - minus wiping out the indigenous population.
  4. Host your own neighborhood pop-up store—Okay, that’s just a bougie way of saying garage sale, but you see the vision. Garage sales not only provide the opportunity to make some money, but also to do some decluttering in the process. Kinda like a celebrity divorce. So seize the chance to make some summer coins by cleaning out those closets, garages and basements and get rid of those old bedazzled jeans, neglected action figures, and unused “as seen on tv” fitness products. Just remember to use phrases like “gently used” and “previously owned” to fancy it all up.
  5. Hit a wine or beer tasting.—This is a little excursion to get the adults out of the house while at the same time getting some much needed libations. But instead of just hitting a bar or lounge, this presents your shot at mixing things up and expanding your palate. You’ll quickly discover there’s life beyond Moscato and cognac.


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