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Family Reunion Planning Tools

Make the most of family time

It’s that time of year again: family reunion season! Can’t you smell the grills heating up and the bug spray in the air?  Whether your family gathers once a year, once every five years or once in a blue moon, summer is prime-time to put on matching t-shirts and dance in line with your favorite folks.

Eventually, perhaps even this year, the party-planning torch will be passed down to your cousins and you. The Bridge is here for you with a list of tools that will allow you to make sure everything runs as smooth as your Uncle Junebug's Caddy.


Once you choose the date, you’ll need to coordinate  family member travel. Use a Travefy online board to hammer out details and its expense tracker to manage costs. When it’s time to start those airport and train station runs, everyone’s itinerary is in one place.


No one likes dealing with RSVPs, which is where RSVPify comes in.  It allows you to track participation for multiple events so you’ll know how many seats to put out at the talent show and how many pews to save at Sunday service.


As the planner of the family reunion, it’s your job to make sure that the drama stays to a minimum. AllSeated lets you plan where everyone will be sitting before the event. Even if everyone doesn’t stick to your seating plan (because you know how grandpa can get when he’s gotten comfortable), at least you have one.


Aside from the mandatory old school songs, you’re going to need a playlist that keeps everyone happy—from Gen X cousins to your Millennial nieces and nephews. Festify allows several people to contribute to one playlist. Get people excited about the reunion by asking them to weigh in with their favorites.

So that’s a start for you. But don’t forget to enlist the help of your cool aunt or older cousin. It takes a village to plan a good family reunion. Don’t try to do it all by yourself.

And, we love a good family reunion pic! Tag #TheBridgeATT in your summer family reunion pics and vids.


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