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Healthier Holiday Feasting

Advice from Butter + Brown’s Seth & Leslie

Holiday parties alone are enough to derail even the best-intentioned diets. Add family favorite dishes and hours of fellowship around the table, and you have a recipe for overindulgence. To help you avoid getting back sliding, we turned to the experts, Aspire TV’s Butter + Brown co-hosts, Seth and Leslie, for advice on how to feast without guilt this holiday season.


Here’s what they told us …


No. 1: Have a Plan—If your families are anything like ours, you not only know what your favorite dishes are, but you also know what everyone is bringing and what to expect. This year, have a plan of attack that involves portion control. Don't go back for seconds and have one serving of dessert. Even if that means cutting your top-three into small slivers.


No. 2: Leftovers—If you have to take them with you, opt for the lean meats and veggies. Leave the carbs for that one cousin who can eat whatever they want and somehow still stay size 2.


No. 3: Get the Family Involved—Choose a family member you trust to help keep you accountable—without making you feel bad. Do the same for them. 


No. 4: Substitutes—Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself. Try to substitute some of your favorite dishes for healthier options. Butter + Brown's cauliflower mash is a great, no carb substitute for traditional mashed potatoes.

No. 5: Opt For Different—Every holiday we all know what is going to land on the table— turkey, roast, yams, etc. Maybe this year opt for a fish dish, like roasted salmon, or other poultry such as Cornish hens. That way November and December don't end up having the same eating landscape every year. 


 No. 6: Minimize Your Alcohol—The holidays are a time for being merry and indulgences, which means CHEER and lots of it. Allot yourself two drinks per party, because even if you're watching your food portions those calories can catch up with you quickly if you're downing eggnog, cider, and champagne at each function.


No. 7: Listen To Your Body—We've all been there:  two plates in, buttons undone at the table, but we end up going back for more simply because it smells and looks good. If your body is saying “tap out”, LISTEN.


Got healthy holiday-eating questions for the Butter + Brown team? Ask on social with #TheBridgeATT and we'll pass them along. 


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