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Education at Work: AT&T Aspire

High school graduation rates are increasing, but did you know that about one in five students do not graduate high school with their peers, and of those who do, many are not fully prepared for college and career success?


With that fact above dangling over our heads, it’s safe to say, things could be much better. This drives AT&T’s continued and expanded commitment to AT&T Aspire.


So, what is AT&T Aspire?

AT&T Aspire is a multi-million dollar, multi-year investment and commitment to the communities we serve, the future of the U.S. economy and our business. Aspire fuels and widens the talent pipeline of the workforce, and ensures that its future – in our company and our country– will be stocked with qualified, diverse employees who have the combination of 21st century skills and hard skills. Many of these skills are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related fields, which American businesses need to remain competitive in the digital, global economy.


AT&T is committed to this continued investment in education because the future of our business and all U.S. businesses depends on it.  In addition to a stronger talent pool for our workforce, Aspire will help foster an educated customer base.  People – our customers, and potential customers – power the devices and technologies that educate and inspire potential growth. 


Since 2008, the focus of Aspire has been high school success leading to college and career readiness.  As a member of the Grad Nation campaign, we support the national goal of a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020. To help achieve this goal, we are teaming up with a variety of nonprofit partners that utilize innovative tools and resources to address the high school dropout crisis in ways that are more effective, efficient and sustainable than ever before.  For example, one nonprofit we work with, Roadtrip Nation, utilizes interactive curriculum to help students explore how their passions connect with career pathways.  Another organization we support, Genesys Works, offers training for inner-city high school students to succeed as corporate technology professionals.  Our employees are also involved in the effort, mentoring students across the country through Aspire Mentoring Academy with the goal of providing 1 million hours of mentoring by the end of 2016.


Sure, we could simply give money, but we know we can really move the needle for change to happen by bringing all our resources to bear and investing more innovatively to help students succeed. Learn more about AT&T Aspire at and follow the program on Twitter at


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