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5 Questions with Khadi Don

Making Black History Go Viral

This Black History Month, influencer Khadi Don and others are working with AT&T to tell lesser-known but fascinating stories from Black history. It’s all part of AT&T 28 Days History by Us — Black history told by those making it.


Recently, we caught up with the young creator to find out what Black History Month means to her and get her ideas on how to involve the younger generation in this significant celebration.


1. What does Black History Month mean and represent to you personally? 


Black History Month means everything to me being that I am of color. It represents progress, success and leaders, and it gives an even greater meaning to being “Black”. My Blackness signifies more than just a color; it signifies a long history of greatness.

“If we’re capable of making things of less relevancy go viral, we can do the same with Black history.” — @KhadiDon 

2. In today’s era of social media, how important is it for influencers to use their platforms to champion Black history? 


It’s very important. We are now in a generation and era where our voice matters and is very important. If we’re capable of making things of less relevancy go viral, we can do the same with Black history.


3. Do you feel like the idea of “Black history” resonates with younger generations? If not, what would you do to refresh the idea of celebrating Black history?


Times have changed, and I feel as if we’re still following the same old guidelines as far as presenting Black history to the youth. There should be more hands-on activities, books, shows and movies; things that are interactive and involve celebrities, sports, music and other icons. Learning should be informative and fun. This is why I am excited to take part in this AT&T initiative, and hope to make learning about Black History Month more accessible and enjoyable.


4. Why is celebrating Black history important today? 


It’s important because people need to be aware that African Americans played a big part in history way beyond just being a part of slavery. 


5. What are the best ways to celebrate Black History Month?


Informing others, doing research, spreading it via social media and attending Black history–related activities. 

*Responses edited with permission for clarity and length


Watch Khadi Don tell the story of Aida Overton Walker here.

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